Best Color Mug For Drinking Tea

No matter what season it is, tea can be a delicious tasting beverage since it can be served either hot or cold, although most people prefer their tea to be hot. Are you a tea fanatic who loves a tasty cup of tea? What would the best color mug be for drinking your tea?

Research has shown that tea drunk from either a pink or red mug will taste sweeter than from any other color mug. People prefer their cup of tea to be sweet, and sweetness is often associated with red and pink, whereas saltiness is associated with blue and white.

From adding milk to letting your teabag soak, how to make the ideal cup of tea has been a controversial subject for many years. It could all be in the color of your mug! Read more to find out the best color mug for drinking tea!

The Color Of Your Mug Affects The Taste Of Your Tea

You would be surprised to hear that it’s not just electronic devices with features that matter. Even features for minimal things such as the color of a mug matter. Let’s take a look at how the color of your mug affects the taste of your tea and why these colors affect the overall taste!

Here’s some weird information for you- according to new research, the color of your mug is affecting the taste of your tea! It’s all about psychology, and studies have revealed that drinking tea from either a red or pink cup will make it taste sweeter on your palette.

Why These Colors Matter In Your Mug Of Tea

It is only logical that colors play a significant role in our lives. If colors didn’t matter, millions of marketers would not be investing so much money into the packaging of everything on the market.

Colors hold the capacity to attract us, intrigue us, and make us more likely to buy products and packaging consisting of these colors. Needless to say, each and every one of us has a favorite color, and we tend to prefer buying things of these colors or trying to match these colors with different shades that compliment them.

Over time, our brains have made specific memories of particular smells, memories, and preferences of these colors and subconsciously incorporate them into our choices.

Although the best color mug to drink your tea from is scientifically proven to be either red or pink, some people prefer drinking their green tea in a green-colored mug.

Why? Simply because they think the specific color green mug enhances the color of the green tea perfectly, the way they require it to.

A cup of any other color other than green may make green tea look different. It may look either too light or too bright, depending on the shade of the mug. Luckily, there days we have plenty of mugs which are a specific color on the inside of the cup, while being a neutral color, such as white, on the outside. Colors like these are perfect for the people who prefer using brighter colored mugs but still want to maintain the best possible flavor of their tea! Marketers, as well as graphic designers, have known for longer than us as consumers that color plays a huge role in the success of any marketing campaign. Specific colors stir emotions in customers, and stirring these specific emotions will create a brand relevance and motivate more significant and more purchases.

Why Drink Your Tea Out Of A Mug And Not A Cup?

Now that you know the color of your tea mug definitely influences the way it tastes, you might be wondering why it is advised that you drink your tea out of a mug and not a cup.

A crucial piece of achieving the best taste out of your tea is the container you drink it out of, but mainly the container’s material. There are thousands of different types of drinking containers on the market, ranging from paper, plastic, metal, and so much more!

The material of which your mug consists will drastically affect your tea’s taste. The first thing you should keep in mind when enjoying your cup of tea is that its presentation plays a significant role in how well it tastes.

Plenty of studies have shown that a good presentation helps improve the overall taste of your tea, and you have definitely experienced it first hand if you have ever been to a high-end restaurant or diner.

Every time you dine at a restaurant, the meal isn’t just thrown onto your plate in any way. The chef carefully arranged and organized that represents a high-quality and tasteful meal. This brings us to ceramic mugs.

When you drink from a ceramic tea mug, it feels like a better experience because of the associations you will be making from the location to your home, which can bring you a feeling of calmness to the mug’s weight insulating properties and unique texture.

This will immediately allow you to make a positive connection with the mug, making everything you drink out of it taste better. Weird how the brain works, right?

While quality is one of the most important things, there is also an objective improvement. For the best flavor, ceramic is simply the best choice. Ceramic is the best choice because it is a neutral yet solid material.

Ceramic can not impact or absorb any flavors, leaving your tea to taste just as it should! Our sense of taste is vastly complicated, to say the least.


There you have it! The best color of mug to drink your tea out of is either pink or red, especially if you like to be on the sweeter side of things! It is truly unique what type of colors can impact our minds and ultimately impact how our tastebuds perceive things.

If you want to make the best out of your tea, make a trip to the supermarket and go purchase yourself a pink or red mug made out of ceramic. You will not regret it, and you might be drinking every single hot beverage out of this mug!


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