Best Time To Drink Black Coffee For Flat Tummy

Coffee is one of the most popular and versatile beverages worldwide, and millions love it. Aside from coffee having the most obvious effect, which is increased energy levels, people discovered it is much more than just an energy booster. Coffee has been proven to help with weight loss when practiced correctly. What’s the best time to consume black coffee for a flat tummy?

The best time to consume black coffee for a flat tummy and other weight loss purposes is after breakfast or half an hour before an exercise session. Drinking black coffee without sugar on an empty stomach, such as after waking up, has few benefits for weight loss and could contribute to weight gain.

Knowing the ideal time to drink black coffee for weight loss purposes can make a difference in your daily workout routines and your entire weight loss journey. If weight loss and achieving a flat tummy is your goal, this article is for you!

Knowing When To Drink Black Coffee For A Flat Tummy

If your only reason for drinking black coffee is weight loss, it becomes especially crucial to get the times correct. Where most people would advise you to drink black coffee as early in the morning as possible, like after waking, this would mean chaos for your metabolism.

Scientists have warned against drinking coffee on an empty stomach, as it could aid in diabetes and obesity. Instead, experts and dietitians encourage users to avoid coffee until after breakfast.

The reason behind this is that coffee will cause your blood sugar levels to elevate. Over longer periods, this could lead to an “insulin resistance” problem. If this occurs, your body will not know how to use the energy and sugar provided by carbs.

In the worst case, insulin resistance can ultimately lead to type 2 diabetes.

However, this problem can easily be avoided by having your black coffee after breakfast. Drinking black coffee before daily workouts is also highly beneficial for weight loss.

By drinking coffee after your breakfast, it will reduce your perceived exertion rate. In simple terms, by simply drinking black coffee within this time frame, you will find your workout much easier, and the caffeine will allow you to burn more calories than you consumed during breakfast!

Why Will Black Coffee Help You Achieve A Flat Tummy?

Now that you know the ideal time to consume your black coffee, you may wonder why coffee is such an effective solution for weight loss.

Let’s explore why you can expect to see results by simply drinking your black coffee at the right time:

Caffeine Causes A Loss Of Appetite

Your appetite is influenced by many things, such as your physical activity levels, hormones, and the type of food you consume.

While there has not been enough research to determine why caffeine reduces appetite, studies have shown that it may reduce your body’s levels of ghrelin, which is known as the hormone that makes you feel hungry.

Black Coffee Is Low In Calories

Weight loss is directly associated with achieving a calorie deficit. A calorie deficit will only happen if your body repeatedly consumes fewer calories than it can burn.

One of the most successful ways for you to achieve a calorie deficit is to consume fewer calories than you normally would. Black coffee contains less than five calories, which is usually an 8-ounce cup.

An 8-ounce cup of black coffee contains 0% fat, 0% sugar, 0% carbohydrates, 0% cholesterol, 0%, and only 4% potassium!

If you want to obtain the healthy benefits of black coffee while achieving weight loss, it is encouraged to drink up to four 8-ounce cups of black coffee a day. This will equal 400mg of caffeine.

However, keep in mind that your cup of black coffee will only remain low-calorie if you drink it black. While black coffee is a low-calorie beverage, it can become high in fats, sugar, and calories when you add milk and sugars to your cup!

The Caffeine Will Boost Your Metabolism

Metabolism is the process where your body breaks down its nutrients and uses all the food you have eaten’s calories during the day.

Because caffeine is a stimulant found in coffee-related beverages, it is one of the few substances known to increase basal metabolic rate, also known as the rate at which a person burns calories while resting.

As mentioned above, coffee contains nutrients such as antioxidants, magnesium, niacin, and potassium. All of these nutrients help to support muscle functions, improve digestive rate and health, and could lead to better heart health.

All these nutrients can improve your energy levels, boosting your metabolism and promoting weight loss!

Black Coffee Contains Amounts Of Chlorogenic Acid

Chlorogenic acid in your body will help to slow down the production of glucose. This means that if you drink one or two cups of black coffee directly after a meal, such as breakfast or lunch, your body will produce much fewer fat cells and glucose than it normally would have.

The Caffeine Will Reduce Cellulite

Studies have proved that the caffeine in coffee can enlarge your blood vessels, smooth out any dimples in your skin, and make your skin tighter.

Enlarged blood vessels will result in more blood flow through a specific area, which means more nutrients can pass through, resulting in the skin getting rid of toxins much easier.

Caffeine Reduces Your Body’s Water Content

This may come as a surprise, but one of the best benefits of drinking black coffee daily for weight loss is the reduction of water in your body. You will urinate more frequently, which will result in reducing any excess water in your body, which could help in quicker weight loss.


Drinking black coffee daily could help you significantly with your weight loss journey, and when you pair your cups of black coffee with a steady diet and frequent exercise, you’ll be sure to reach your weight goal! Remember never to drink more than the recommended amount, as it could do more harm than good.


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