Does A Hydro Flask Keep Ice?

A Hydro Flask is a helpful tool for keeping cold drinks cold and for keeping hot drinks hot. You may have wondered if a Hydro Flask can keep ice frozen for long enough to be used on a hot summer day. While ice will eventually melt, even in the best of coolers, a Hydro Flask will allow you to keep ice frozen while hiking or going on a picnic and hold any other liquids you want to stay cold.

Due to its double-walled insulating technology, a Hydro Flask will hold ice and keep it frozen for a few hours. The lid prevents hot air from entering the flask and heating the ice, while the insulation keeps the internal temperature consistent for a few hours.

Many factors influence how long ice will last in a Hydro Flask, and there are many other steps you can perform to ensure that your ice will stay solid for as long as possible. It is essential to keep your Hydro Flask as cold as possible, along with many other tips to keep ice frozen for longer.

Does a Hydro Flask Keep Ice Frozen?

Yes, a Hydro Flask will mostly keep ice frozen for a few hours. They are specifically designed to have good thermal retention and prevent the external temperature from affecting the liquid inside the flask.

The insulating walls of the Hydro Flask have two layers of metal with a layer of air in the middle to improve the cold retention of the flask, as air is a surprisingly effective insulator when kept in a confined space. This will keep external hot air from melting the ice for much longer than if it were left outside the container.

How To Stop Ice From Melting In A Hydro Flask

While a Hydro Flask is a very effective cooler for preventing ice from melting, you can take many other steps to preserve the ice for longer than it would generally last in a Hydro Flask.

Putting the flask in the fridge or freezer will cool it down and increase the time it takes to be heated up by the air. Putting ice in a chilled Hydro Flask will substantially increase the time it takes to melt because of the increased difference in temperature between the Hydro Flask and the outside air, which will take longer to become equal and begin to melt the ice.

Another step you can take is to add cold water to the ice if it is a very hot day, as water takes a long time to heat up, especially in an insulating container. It is important if you were careful, though, as water that is not cold enough will begin to melt the ice inside the container, so make sure that the water is placed in the fridge for some time before heading out.

The size of the mouth of the Hydro Flask is also an essential factor to consider. While the honeycomb design of the lid is somewhat good at keeping the contents of the container cold, it is not as good as the walls of the flask. Buying a flask with a smaller mouth will keep ice frozen for longer as the internal surface area of the flask that is reliant on the lid for cooling is reduced.

While having a Hydro Flask with a small mouth is useful, it hinders the effectiveness of the next tip, which is to use larger ice cubes in your flask. Larger ice cubes take longer to melt entirely and will stay solid for longer than smaller ice cubes. The problem is that buying a Hydro Flask with a smaller mouth will prevent you from putting larger ice cubes inside of it.

Keeping the Hydro Flask away from sunlight is also important, as sunlight will heat the metal of the flask and lead to the ice melting faster. It is essential to keep the Hydro Flask in a cool, dark place (like a backpack or handbag) when transporting it to ensure that it doesn’t come in contact with hot air or sunlight.

An insulating pouch is also an optional extra. It is a pouch that perfectly fits around the Hydro Flask and comes with a carrying strap, making transporting the flask more convenient. It is sold by Hydro Flask and is designed to provide considerable extra insulation without being unwieldy or preventing you from opening the top.

Is A Hydro Flask The Best For Keeping Ice Frozen?

While a Hydro Flask is usually more expensive than other brands of insulated bottles, it is often worth the money, as it has unparalleled heat and cold retention. It can withstand even the hottest summer days and keeps your ice frozen for much longer than expected. It has ample room for ice and a good carrying strap which is quite durable.

The walls of a Hydro Flask are surprisingly thin, allowing it to hold a large volume and still effectively retain internal temperature no matter the external temperature. It is also very durable, as it is made of metal. This means that if you drop it, it will not be completely broken, but it may dent or the surface may be scratched.

It is also straightforward to clean, especially the wide-mouth Hydro Flask. It is unfortunately not dishwasher safe, as the high heat produced by a dishwasher may degrade the insulation in the bottle and make it less effective. It is simple to clean by hand, unlike many other flasks, which may be unwieldy to open and fully clean.


A Hydro Flask is one of the more expensive flasks out there but is a worthwhile investment if you stay in a place with hot summers and want to be able to keep ice cool for long periods. The Hydro Flask is also suitable for keeping hot drinks warm for long periods, so it is even more invaluable for people living in places with hot summers and cold winters.

With some extra steps, you can make ice last even longer in a Hydro Flask than before, making hot summer days more bearable and enjoyable.


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