Does Frappe Have Coffee?

Do you want to know if frappés have coffee? Frappé is a popular iced coffee drink made by shaking the coffee and water/milk until it foams. This drink is served in many cafés and franchises worldwide, but some question whether a frappé even has coffee.

Most frappés have some coffee in them, but the caffeine content isn’t the same in a frappé as it is in a cup of coffee. Some countries use instant coffee to make their frappés, while other cafés use coffee syrup instead of coffee. Ask the barista if you are unsure if they add coffee to the frappé.

To help you determine whether your favorite frappé has coffee, we’ll consider the coffee content of some of the most popular coffee companies. We’ll also discuss where frappés originated and how you can make a delicious frappé at home. This is the ultimate guide to understanding the coffee content of frappés.

Is There Coffee In Frappés?

If you enjoy a shaken frappé on a warm summer’s day, you will know that this drink has many flavor varieties. From a standard coffee frappé to strawberries and cream one, frappés appeal to almost everyone. But, if you need your caffeine fix in the morning, you may wonder if frappés contain coffee. And if so, how much coffee is in a frappé?

The coffee content of a frappé differs from café to café. It also depends on the type of frappé you order. Some frappés contain more coffee, while others only have a bit of coffee to enhance the other flavors in the drink. It’s important to know that most cafés advertise their frappés as coffee-flavored or coffee-based drinks.

You, therefore, won’t be surprised that there isn’t as much coffee in a frappé as there is in another coffee beverage, like a cappuccino or americano. What’s more, some cafés use instant coffee to make their frappés, resulting in a weaker coffee taste and caffeine content.

And other places don’t use coffee at all in their frappés. Instead, they opt for coffee syrup or extract to give the taste of coffee without the caffeine. So, what about your favorite coffee spot? Some of the most popular places to get frappés are Starbucks and McDonald’s’ McCafé. Do these places add coffee to their frappés?

Do McDonalds Frappés Have Coffee?

Mcdonald’s frappés have some coffee in them, but they advertise their frappés as “a sweetened beverage with a hint of coffee.” Based on this, you can guess that there isn’t a lot of coffee in any of their frappés. So, if you want a frappé with more coffee taste, we recommend the regular coffee frappé.

Since it doesn’t have any other competing flavors, Mcdonald’s can add more coffee to it. Their coffee frappé is a sweetened milk-based drink with coffee, so you should feel satisfied after enjoying this coffee beverage.

Do Starbucks Frappés Have Coffee?

Not all Starbucks frappés have coffee. The frappés at Starbucks are called Frappuccinos, and some contain more coffee than others. For example, the Mocha Frappuccino contains the most coffee and caffeine of all the frappuccinos. In contrast, the strawberries and cream Frappuccino doesn’t contain any coffee.

None of the Frappuccinos at Starbucks contain as much coffee and caffeine as their other coffee beverages. So, if you want a cold coffee with sufficient caffeine to push you through the day, ordering an iced coffee will serve you better.

How Do Frappés Taste Like Coffee Without Adding Coffee?

You may wonder how some places get the taste of coffee in their frappés without using coffee? In most cases, they substitute the coffee for a coffee-flavored syrup or coffee extract. These products are flavored to taste like coffee, but they don’t contain any coffee or caffeine.

These frappés are perfect for people who are sensitive to caffeine or want something that tastes like coffee but doesn’t want the energy kick caffeine offers. However, if you rely on your caffeine fix to power you through the day, ensure that the frappé you order comes with actual coffee and not coffee-flavored ingredients.

Where Did Frappés Originate?

The history of the frappé is actually quite interesting. While you may think it originated in Italy, like many other coffee beverages, it comes from Greece. The Greek frappé consists of water, instant coffee, and sugar. The mixture is shaken until it becomes light and frothy and then served on ice. This frappé originated in the 1900s in Greece and spread to the rest of the world.

Today, many countries have their own versions of frappés, including the Insta-famous Dalgona coffee, which originated in Korea. Some countries use milk as a base for the frappé, while others use water. Many people prefer espresso to instant coffee since they prefer the taste.

The only condition for the drink to be considered a frappé is that it should be shaken or mixed until it is aerated. This is, indeed, where the name comes from. Frappé comes from the French word frappér, which means to beat or knock.

So, if you travel to another country or state, you may get a different frappé than the ones you are used to. But can you make a frappé at home or is it something you can only order at cafés?

How To Make A Perfect Frappé At Home

Making a frappé at home is easy, especially if you have a blender. The great thing about making your own frappés is that you can determine how much coffee and sweetener you want in your beverage. So, to make the perfect frappé at home, you will need a few things:

  • Coffee (instant or espresso)
  • Milk or water
  • Ice
  • Sweetener of your choice
  • Blender

To make a frappé, simply blend all the ingredients into a blender until frothy. You should blend it until you can see the foam, not only until the ice is crushed. Then, top your frappé with whatever you like, such as syrup, whipped cream, or cacao powder, and serve.

Don’t use too much milk, or the mixture won’t get frothy and light. There should be more coffee and ice than milk in the blender. Now that you know how easily you can make your own frappés, you may think twice about paying $4 for one at Starbucks.


Most frappés contain some coffee, be it espresso or instant coffee. However, the coffee content of a frappé is less than other coffee beverages, and you likely won’t get the same energy from it. Some cafés use coffee syrup or extract and don’t add any coffee to their frappés.


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