Does Latte Have Coffee In It?

Some of us love coffee more than life itself. It brings joy to your mornings, comforts you in need, and gives you the energy to finish a deadline in the evenings. A latte, one of the upper-class hot drinks, takes the magical journey to another level. But does the latte have coffee in it?

A latte does have coffee in it. It comprises one shot of espresso, the coffee element, and one to two parts of foamed milk mixed together and topped with frothed milk. The taste of coffee is milder than a cup of coffee or cappuccino because of the excessive milk content.

You might have heard of or even drank different types of lattes and wondered if all lattes have coffee and what the difference is between them. Maybe it is possible to have a perfect latte at home with a lower caffeine content if you prefer it.

Does An Original Latte Have Coffee In It?

The Italian-named but American-originated latte, also known as a cafe latte, has espresso and milk to form this creamy, subtle hot drink. Café latte actually means “coffee milk” and makes perfect sense if you know the steps in creating a latte.

The first sign of the latte drink was mentioned in 1987 by a traveler named Howell. Howell wrote about his journeys and mentioned the drink he loved to drink on the steamship on his way to a destination. He added equal parts espresso and steamed milk to his drink.

Straight forward, without access to today’s fancy barista coffee machines, his version of a café latte most likely tasted slightly different.

Caffeine Content Of A Latte

A latte has one or two espresso shots with warm, steamed milk to break the intensity of the coffee and give a rich and smooth texture and taste. However, the size of the cup you use and the type of coffee will determine the caffeine content of your latte.

A standard 16-ounce cup and double espresso shot yield around 128 milligrams of caffeine. However, the FDA recommends no more than 400 milligrams daily for healthy individuals. Thus, you can enjoy three double-shot lattes each day.

Different Types Of Lattes And Their Coffee Index

With a café latte being a favorite amongst many coffee lovers, some coffee shops and baristas have taken the initiative to create more variations of this delightful drink.

  • Mocha latte – The regular recipe with chocolate syrup added to the cup.
  • Iced latte – Iced coffee with the added cold milk layers.
  • Vanilla or hazelnut latte – The regular recipe with flavored syrup to give the given sweet taste mixed with coffee.
  • Decaf latte – A perfect substitute for the regular latte, only adding decaffeinated espresso instead of the usual. This lead to a lower caffeine level. Thus, you can have more lattes per day.
  • Chai latte – this variation might not have coffee, but black tea contains caffeine. Replace the espresso with strong chai tea and follow the usual steps.

Nutritional Value Of A Latte

The nutritional value of a latte will depend on which milk you use in the recipe. A latte is one of the most calorie-dense coffee drinks out there. You can, however, tweak the recipe to lower the calories.

A regular café latte, with whole milk, in a 16-ounce cup has around 206 calories per cup. This is significantly more than the 130 calories in the same-sized cappuccino.

To reduce the calorie content of a café latte or get a different variation, you can:

  • Use unsweetened almond milk or skimmed milk
  • Avoid any syrups and sugars
  • Coconut milk is higher in fat, but if you use an unsweetened one, it can reduce calories slightly and give a different tropical taste.

To eliminate the lactose element of a latte, switch out the milk for milk alternatives like soy, rice, oat, or nut milk.

Can You Make Latte Without Coffee?

There are options for all warm beverage lovers who cannot enjoy a caffeinated drink. These have 0% caffeine and are safe for pregnancy as well.

  • Chai latte – a variation of a latte that doesn’t have coffee as an ingredient but chai tea. Chai is a black tea that has caffeine content.
  • Matcha latte – a latte with no coffee and no caffeine. A matcha latte is green tea powder mixed with relative milk combinations.
  • Red latte – a variation popular in South Africa, where rooibos tea is used for the latte. It contains no coffee or caffeine.

At Home Café Latte Recipe

Sometimes we all want to enjoy a luxury warm beverage in the comfort of our own homes. The problem is that this drink is usually made with a fancy coffee machine that can steam and froth milk. But, on the other hand, this is fine because there are ways to work around a machine.

Step 1: Brew your strong coffee or espresso. Decide whether you want a single or double shot.

Step 2: Transfer your chosen milk to a jar with a lid and shake it. You will see the milk turning foamy and bubbly. Remember to add two parts of the milk to one part of the espresso.

Step 3: Remove the lid and heat the jar in the microwave. The jar’s content will divide with the foam at the top and the milk at the bottom.

Step 4: Use any utensil to keep the foam from entering your cup, and pour the milk on top of the espresso. If you want to use syrups, now is the time to add those as well.

Step 5: Lastly, top the hot drink with the remaining foam. Enjoy your homemade café latte!

To make an iced latte DIY style at home, you will let your espresso cool down in step 1, and you can ignore step 3. Pour the cold milk into the cup after step 2. Then, add some ice cubes to the cup to make it even colder.


The layered coffee goddess is a must when you are on a coffee date or having a serving at home. This coffee drink will inspire and kickstart your thoughts and energy while leaving a smooth, rich coffee taste behind.


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