Does Mocha Frappe Have Coffee?

In close to 70 years, a recipe found by accident for making a mocha frappe has got leisure lovers’ taste buds hooked. Sipping iced mocha frappes in tall glasses is part of a summer holiday experience. The distinctive tastes of mocha frappes vary between countries, with coffee bars creating unique ways of making a mocha frappe. But does a mocha frappe have coffee?  

Mocha frappe has a third coffee base that combines with a rich chocolate drink served ice cold. The amount and type of coffee used can vary from instant granules to brewed coffee. An espresso shot gives an intense coffee taste to a mocha frappe, and the type of chocolate adds to the flavor.

Mocha frappes are known for their rich chocolate taste. The coffee adds to the caffeine content of a mocha frappe for the coffee enthusiast; they crave the delicious chocolatey coffee taste. The coffee and chocolate preparation in a mocha frappe differ. A delicate flavor balance in a mocha frappe is what’s craved, and that’s what the masters do well.

Mocha Frappe Has Coffee

The iced chocolate-coffee duo stands out among frappes. The blending of chocolate and coffee has stood the test of time. You can pour a stiff, short expresso, combine the drink with chocolate powder milk and blend it with ice. Or you can use an instant coffee with chocolate syrup in roughly a third of the coffee ratio and blend the mixture with ice.

What you want is the mocha flavor – a chocolatey flavored coffee that can as easily be blended at home but always tastes better served at a sidewalk café or restaurant, and better still if you’re on holiday. You can also pick up a mocha frappe at the world’s popular fast food outlets, each with a distinct touch, mostly because of the ingredients.

If you are a taste fan of a mocha frappe, you’ll agree that the summer iced beverage is the best way to cool off on a hot summer’s day. Mocha frappes are synonymous with lazy days and endless chats with friends. The delicious drink is pure indulgence. The affirmation is the last slurp of the mocha frappe with a straw that reaches deep down into the tall glass.  

A mocha frappe is easy to make, and a simple way is to remember that a third of the drink is coffee mixed in with milk and chocolate and then served ice cold. The mocha frappe also has almost cult status, popularised by an Irish journalist in his early 2000s novel The Orange Mocha-Chip Frappuccino Years

The Mocha Bean

The origin word mocha refers to the Yemen city of Mocha, which was the epicenter of the coffee trade. The small and irregularly shaped bean stands out through its olive green to pale yellow color. Trading in coffee from Yemen was the start of coffee explorations.

From the Arabic world, specifically the main Yemen port of Mocha, almost 700 hundred years ago, the mocha taste has spread, and the craving for mocha has grown. The distinctive taste of Yemen mocha is its sweet, nutty, and almost chocolatey flavor. The Yemen bean is brewed in espresso style. 

From these early days, there have been delicious coffee treats like a mocha frappe.

A Mocha Frappe Story 

The story of mocha frappe is different and is associated with the Greek town of Thessalonica. The mocha frappe origin appeared by chance almost 70 years ago when there was no hot water at a coffee exhibition stand at an international trade fair. That’s when the chilled instant chocolate and coffee drink made its debut.

The story told is that as there was no boiling water, an adventurous (and imaginative) barista concocted a mixture that still has the world’s fashionable talking. It was simply a mixture of instant coffee granules mixed into cold water, with chocolate powder added and then blended into a slushy beverage using ice cubes.

The Thessalonica origin of the mocha frappe refers to frappe as an iced drink.

Spread Of Mocha Frappes

From home-brewed mocha frappes to those in fast food take-outs and high-end coffee shops, a mocha frappe is a favorite on beverage menus. Different regions in the world also serve their version of a mocha frappe. The ingredients, like the kinds of coffee flavors and the amount of cacao in the chocolate, may vary.

You can make a macho frappe with milk chocolate as easily as you can with dark chocolate. You can also choose what coffee you want to add, either instant or espresso, for a special taste. The strength of the coffee in a mocha frappe is an individual choice. You can use tablespoons of sticky chocolate syrup to make a mocha frappe.

Mocha Frappe In Greece And Elsewhere

Whether in the villages or larger centers, Greece is known for its alfresco street life. Here a mocha frappe, also known as the javaccino, is a taste that will make you want to be there again. Restauranteurs use a couple of teaspoons of coffee and add chocolate powder, sugar, water, and ice cubes. And it’s a good mixer that does the trick – the mocha frappe can be shaken up in a flash.

From coffee houses in Bulgaria to Denmark, coffee addicts enjoy a mocha frappe. In Serbia and Boston, a mocha frappe is made with ice cream, which Bostonians have nicknamed a ‘frap.’ No wonder the great chains have jumped and are well-known for their mocha frappe.

Starbucks and Big M sell it by that name: mocha frappe. They even sell one for those who are calorie-counting. The combination of chocolate and coffee is a treat. You can as easily prepare a mocha frappe at home. 

Mocha Frappe At Home

Next time you want to treat your bestie, prepare a mocha frappe. The ingredients are simple and quick. You can whip up this special drink in a flash with two cups of crushed ice, a coffee (your choice), and chocolate.  

You don’t have to make a fresh pot of coffee but can use two cups of your morning brewed coffee that’ll be cold and chilled in the fridge. It would help if you had a cup of milk, and for the mocha touch, you can use chocolate syrup. Make sure to focus on the chocolate side. You’ll need at least 3 tablespoons of chocolate syrup for two tall mocha frappes.

Start with blending the ice cubes with the coffee, chocolate syrup, and milk. Also, add a drop or two of vanilla to enhance the mocha taste. In just over 60 seconds, you are ready to serve a mocha frappe your friends will always remember.

For a fancy touch, whip cream and then scoop it on top of the mocha frappe just before serving the beverage. For fun, add chocolate sprinkles too. And remember to sip your mocha frappe through a straw!


The popularity of a mocha frappe is the delectable chocolate and coffee tastes. With about a third of the mix as coffee, the iced chocolate drink is associated with some of the pleasantest outdoor and leisure memories. No wonder a mocha frappe is the world’s most exciting slushy iced drink that will leave you craving another.


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