How To Correctly Store Mugs

Are you struggling with storing coffee mugs and cups in your kitchen, making every surface look like a massive pile of clutter? Do you reach into the cupboard for a mug and find your favorite is damaged because it was incorrectly stored? I have these problems, so I looked at better ways to stack my mugs and store them correctly to save space and prevent damage.

Store your mugs by hanging them from racks and mug trees or stacking them on shelves. If you have many mugs, buy or build display racks and shelves to show them off and save space. Correctly store rarely-used mugs by standing them rim-down to prevent dust from getting inside.

My family has accumulated a vast collection of mugs, and it doesn’t help that we keep getting new ones as gifts or because we had to get a new one with a cute slogan or picture – your mug has to match your mood; right? Unfortunately, our mugs were taking over our kitchen cupboards, and we had more than a few breakages of favorites with sentimental value. If you’re looking for a solution, we have suggestions on how to correctly store mugs that will help you organize your mugs in no time.

How To Correctly Store Mugs

If you store mugs on a shelf in a  pantry or a cabinet, you will find it easier to select the mug you want if you store them at the front of the shelf or keep them on a narrow shelf. This way, you can easily pick the one you want without needing to move other cups and mugs out of your way.

If you have unique mugs you rarely use, you can help keep these clean on the inside and prevent dust from entering them by storing them rim-side down.

Some mugs come in sets with bottoms that can fit easily inside the top of the other mugs, making them stackable. Stackable mug sets are easy to pack away to take up less room. Some gadgets can help you stack mugs if space is limited.

It makes sense to keep the mugs you regularly use in a place where you can easily reach them. One idea is to pack and stack your extra mugs on a shelf or in a cabinet and use a small hanging rack or mug tree for your family’s favorite mugs, so they are always to hand.

We have some suggestions for organizing your mugs, storing and stacking them, and decluttering if you have too many!

Why Do You Store Mugs Upside Down

You can store mugs the right way up or upside down, whichever way you prefer. One reason to store mugs upside down is by standing them on their rim; you stop dust from getting inside your mug. If you regularly use your cups and mugs, this won’t be something you need to worry about.

If you have mugs you rarely use, you might prefer to store them upside down to avoid having to rinse them out again before you use them.

Mugs are generally sturdy and can be stored upside down without any issues; however, storing them on the rim can damage any mugs or cups that are fragile and thin. Another issue is that if you don’t properly dry your mugs and store them rim down, you could create a damp breeding ground for bacteria. The rims might also stick to shelves that haven’t been cleaned well.

Because of these possible issues, you might prefer to store your mugs right side up.

How Do You Correctly Store Mugs in Drawers

Hate digging through cabinet cupboards to get the mug you want from the back – then you’ll love using a drawer to store your mugs. A drawer that is deep enough to accommodate your mugs and cups is a great way to correctly store mugs and make them easy to access.

You can give your mugs extra protection by adding a drawer liner made of non-slip rubber (Available from Amazon below). These rubber liners are easy to remove and clean, making storage safer and cleaner. Mugs in a drawer stored rim down on a liner won’t move around or fall over. Using drawer space is an excellent way to store mugs if you have limited cabinets but loads of drawers.

How Do You Correctly Stack a Mug

When stacking mugs on top of each other, you can buy sets of mugs (Available from Amazon below) with bases designed for easy stacking. These are great ways to stack your mugs safely.

With mugs not designed to be stackable, take care to stack them rim down to keep them stable and stick to stacking them no higher than two, or you risk knocking them over.

If it doesn’t matter whether they are the right way up or upside down, you might like the mug stacker available from Amazon below that allows you to stack mugs and save space safely.

How To Correctly Organize Mugs

There are many great ways to organize mugs to make them accessible and look great! By utilizing wall space, under-shelf space, or adding extra extendable shelves, you can correctly store mugs in a way that shows off your mug collection and prevents them from getting damaged.

Depending on your kitchen layout and how much storage or wall space you have, you can use any of these ideas to organize and store your mugs in a way that suits you. Here are some of my favorite suggestions I’ve found to store mugs.

Store Mugs Vertically on a Rack

You don’t need to stack your mugs on a shelf, especially if you only have a few kitchen cabinets; mugs can take up the storage space you desperately need. Luckily, pretty mugs can make a great feature, and you don’t need to hide them away. If you have unused wall space, you can convert these areas into vertical displays with nifty hacks.

We love the idea of installing a peg board on the wall. Buy a regular pegboard, add some hooks, and hang your mugs. It’s cheap, easy, and easy to adapt to your kitchen. We loved the idea where people painted them to match their kitchen or added crown molding to make a frame.

If you only have limited kitchen space, you can install a small wooden rack with hooks designed to keep your mugs a reasonable distance apart so they don’t smash against each other. If you don’t want to DIY, many ready-made mug hangers are available – we love vertical mug racks (Available from Amazon below) for tiny spaces and a round display rack (Available from Amazon below) for a fun look.

Store Mugs on Wall Shelves

If you prefer to have your mugs on a shelf rather than hanging from hooks, there are many ways to display and store them safely. Wall-mounted display shelves come in a wide variety of styles, from wooden and rustic to modern and acrylic, and you will find a display shelf that won’t take up much space and suit your kitchen.

You can correctly store your mugs on a wall-mounted display by standing them rim up or down. Because display shelves are narrow, there is also less chance of them knocking against each other and getting chipped.

The sturdy, clear acrylic shelves available from Amazon below make excellent mug displays in the kitchen, and the lip helps store them safely.

Wooden floating shelves (Available from Amazon below) also make great mug storage solutions, and you can line them up or stagger them to suit your space.

We love this wall-mounted cubby display shelf, and a collection of mismatched mugs would look gorgeous stored this way. Each mug gets its own cubby space, which gives extra protection. If you’re handy with woodwork, build this mug holder yourself, as shown by Land to House in the video below.

Store Mugs with Under Shelf Hooks

You don’t have to only use your shelves for storing mugs – utilize the space under your shelves and cabinets by adding hooks. When adding them, keep a suitable distance between your mugs so that they don’t bash against each other and chip or crack.

The mug racks available from Amazon below fit under your kitchen cabinets and can easily correctly store twelve mugs, clearing away extra space on your shelves.

The mug hook available from Amazon below strips each takes four mugs, and you can fit them easily under narrow or deep shelves, making them very versatile for mug storage.

Store Extra Mugs With an Extender Shelf

If you already have cabinet shelves and want to add extra space for storing your mugs, there are shelf extenders you can buy that will transform your storage space. Use shelf extenders in your cabinets to double the amount of storage space you have. Extenders are a perfect way to create space to pack away the mugs you use less often.

The steel shelf extenders available from Amazon below would look great on a kitchen counter with a modern, industrial look, or you can use them inside cabinets where no one will see them. They are sturdy and come in two different heights.

Bamboo and metal stackable shelf organizers (Available from Amazon below) also make an excellent way to store coffee mugs, and you can stack them, nest them, or use them in an L-Shape to suit your kitchen.

Store Mugs on a Mug Tree

If using a shelf, cupboard, or drawer space isn’t an option, and you can’t mount anything on your walls, then look at freestanding countertop solutions.

A simple mug tree in wood or metal takes up very little room, and you can easily keep it next to your coffee maker. The simple wooden design available from Amazon below will keep six mugs safely out of the way.

You can create a mini coffee station with the freestanding metal mug holder and organizer available from Amazon below that holds up to fourteen mugs and has a caddy at the bottom for coffee pods, sugar, and creamers.

Make sure your freestanding mug holder has a solid base to prevent tipping, and hang from the bottom to avoid making the tree top-heavy.

Store Mugs on a Trolley or Bookcase

Another option for moveable storage solutions for your mugs is repurposing a bathroom or kitchen trolley. You can turn these into cute little mini coffee bars and wheel them out with all your mugs and coffee-related instruments. The basic kitchen trolley available from Amazon below is perfect for smaller spaces, and the rims on the wire shelves make it easier to correctly store your mugs so that they won’t fall over and break.

If you have more space, the Kitchen Island trolley available from Amazon below will give you plenty of extra space for storing mugs.

Less moveable, but a good alternative if you are in a rental space and can’t install the shelving you like is to use bookcases as extra shelving for your mugs. Narrow bookcases are perfect for fitting into awkward spaces and can store and display your mugs.

Declutter Your Mugs

Do you really need all the mugs you own? Be honest – most of us have mugs that we rarely use and should have been consigned to the trash long ago. I’m not talking about the nice set you keep for guests, but those everyday mugs that have been well-used and no longer look great.

The first step in making space to store your mugs correctly is removing the ones you don’t need. Have a look at your mugs, and if they have chips on the rim, cracks, or are stained inside and never come clean, it’s time for them to go.

I used to have a few mugs that I thought were cute or pretty, but they turned out to be wildly impractical when it came to using them. If you have any of these, be ruthless and get rid of them – there’s no point in hanging on to a mug you’ll never use because the handle is too small or the shape is uncomfortable to drink from.

If throwing out a perfectly good mug makes you shudder, browse for craft projects you can use or repurpose it elsewhere. Perhaps that mug will make an excellent paintbrush holder or a cactus pot.


Correctly store your coffee mugs by making them easily accessible to prevent breakages. Keep your most used mugs at the front of shelves or on your nearest hooks, and ensure they don’t knock into each other to stop them from chipping or cracking. You might prefer to store mugs upside down to keep them clean, but ensure they are thoroughly dried before storing them so that you don’t provide a breeding ground for mold or bacteria.


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