How To Ship Mugs Without Breaking

Coffee mugs are popular consumer items. Everyone likes a good cup of coffee and these mugs are tried and true gifts for anyone. But shipping them safely can be tricky. Taking the time to pack your coffee mugs properly can ensure their safety during transit, save you money and avoid any breakage. So there are some things you can do to keep your mugs safe during shipping.

In order to protect your mugs during shipping, you must carefully pack them. Choosing the right box size and padding is essential to avoid breakage. Using the right shipping company can also help protect your items.

The following are some useful tips to protect your mugs during shipping. Keeping these things in mind will make the entire process go as smoothly as possible. Read on to learn more.

In the meantime, you can check out our list of tips for shipping mugs:

  • Choosing the right box size protects against breakage when shipping mugs
  • Overpacking materials protect against breakage when shipping mugs
  • Choosing the right padding protects against breakage when shipping mugs
  • Choosing the right shipping company helps protect against breakage when shipping mugs

Choosing the right box size for shipping mugs

If you’re in the business of selling or shipping coffee mugs, you’ve likely heard that there’s a good chance you’re faced with the dilemma of choosing the right size of shipping box.

A box is an ideal size for shipping mugs. The ideal size for a box is 7x7x6 inches. This will ensure the mugs won’t touch each other while in transit. A box that’s too big will cause the mug to shift in transit. The box should be made from sturdy material to absorb external stress.

Before purchasing a shipping box for your coffee mugs, you should know the measurements of the item you plan to ship. The mugs should fit snugly inside it, so you shouldn’t have to worry about them crashing in transit. In addition to this, the box size should be larger than the product itself, which means that it’s important to include padding material inside the box.

Choosing the right box size for shipping a coffee mug can be difficult for a novice. There are different types of shipping boxes with varying sizes. When in doubt, round up to the nearest size. If the mugs are large, you may end up having to add fillers or dividers to compensate for the extra space. You’ll be happy you did!

And don’t worry if the mugs don’t fit, the shipping boxes are generally sturdy and will keep your items safe.

Once you’ve chosen the right box size, the next step in shipping coffee mugs is to pack them in it. There are many supplies available at your local store that can help you package your mugs without breaking them.

Overpacking materials protects against breakage

Overpacking material is an important part of a mug’s shipping protection. They act as a cushion, absorbing normal collisions and vibrations while in transit. They can be made of loose-fill peanuts, air pillows, or liquid expandable foam. In addition, a carton containing glassware should be placed on top of the layer of peanuts. This process can prevent breakage by minimizing movement.

Fragile items are vulnerable to impact, stress, and torsion during transit. Therefore, it’s vital to protect fragile products from these stresses with overpacking materials. A proper protective fill will prevent the movement of breakable items within the package. Also, it’s important to avoid leaving empty space between the box and the fragile item. Regardless of the material used to fill the box, a rigid inner box with a layer of infill is an important part of protecting fragile items.

Choosing the right padding for shipping mugs

As coffee mugs travel around the world in small and large shipments, packing them properly can help them survive the journey without breaking or chipping. Here are some tips to ensure safe shipment.

Before packing your coffee mugs, be sure to wrap them in bubble wrap and packing paper. Then, place them in a well-padded box. The padding is essential in protecting the mugs from bangs and bumps that could potentially cause damage. If bubble wrap is not an option, use packing paper, and air pockets instead. You can even wrap them in plastic bags. This will protect them from damage while in transit.

When packing fragile items, take special care not to over-pack. If you are shipping a coffee mug from one place to another, you should use two or three layers of packing paper to protect your coffee mugs from movement. Also, be sure to label your mugs with “fragile” to avoid confusion. You can also put newspaper in the box to protect the coffee mugs from any movement inside the moving box.

Bubble wrap is an excellent padding material to use for shipping coffee mugs. Use bubble wrap at the bottom of the box to protect them from breaking. Also, use air pillows or packing peanuts for extra cushioning. The right amount of bubble wrap can make all the difference in the world when shipping coffee mugs. Make sure to tape the bubble wrap securely. This will ensure the coffee mug will arrive safely.

If you’re looking for a cheap and easy way to protect your coffee mugs, you can try wrapping them in newspaper or A4 paper. Pay attention to the handles and make sure they’re completely covered.

Choosing the right shipping company to ship mugs

Firstly, you must choose a carrier with crush protection for coffee mugs. The USPS Cubic Rate priority shipping provides additional crush protection and costs a little more. This way, you’ll have peace of mind and insurance if anything happens to your coffee mugs during the shipping process.


Coffee mugs are popular consumer items. Whether you are shipping to a new home or a faraway destination, most people appreciate a good cup of java in a nice mug. Coffee mugs are also a tried and true gift item.

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