How Do You Stack Coffee Mugs?

If you have too many coffee mugs and feel that your cabinet space is limited and disorganized, you might consider stacking the mugs. However, to do so, you must also have the necessary knowledge to accomplish the task. So read on to find out how to stack coffee mugs.

You can stack coffee mugs by placing one coffee mug within another and setting them top-down. However, be aware that this method puts your coffee mugs at risk of tipping over. Investing in devices to help secure your stacked coffee mugs is a safer option.

Stacking your coffee mugs is an excellent way to free up space in your kitchen cabinet. However, it is not the only way. Continue reading to discover interesting places to put your coffee mugs.

How Do You Stack Coffee Mugs?

So, you are finally fed up with the clutter that has derived from having one too many coffee mugs. Well, maybe more than ‘one too many.’ And now your goal is to declutter your kitchen cabinet (or at least make it appear that way) and restore some sanity every time you open the cabinet door.

As such, you may have found yourself here after realizing that stacking coffee mugs can solve your clutter issue and make your cabinet space that much more aesthetically pleasing. You also may have tried stacking coffee mugs in the past but to no avail. So, exactly how do you stack coffee mugs?

Well, first, let me say, stacking coffee mugs can be extremely difficult. The stacking of mugs depends entirely on their shape. With some mugs, you can fit one inside the other. With other mugs, it is impossible to stack because of the size of the base and rims. So, if you struggled to stack your coffee mugs in the past, this could be one reason why.

There is something else, however, to keep in mind. If you are able to stack one coffee mug within another, we would advise against it. Mugs stacked this way are often unstable, and one unfortunate knock can leave your coffee mugs toppling over.

Nevertheless, if you want to stack your coffee mugs this way, set them top-down. Placing coffee mugs top-down helps to evenly distribute the weight, making it less likely to topple over. However, there are safer and steadier ways of stacking your coffee mugs.

For instance, some geniuses have devised nifty little devices that, when fitted between the rims of two coffee mugs, secure and fix the mugs in a narrow position. So, you can safely stack your mugs without wondering when next you will be picking up broken mug pieces.

Because these devices are such a niche, you might not find them at your local store. However, you can easily find these devices online. If you are not in the mood for online shopping, consider visiting stores that specialize in house organizing items or homeware stores.

Other Ways To Stack And Place Coffee Mugs

Making space in our kitchen cabinet can sometimes give us a headache, especially if it seems there is just nowhere to put those darn coffee mugs. So to ease your frustration a little bit, we have listed some possible things you can do with your coffee mugs (both stacking and non-stacking options). Read on to find out more.

Use An Organizing Rack For Coffee Mugs

OK, so this option is similar to the device mentioned before in the sense that they are both intended to help organize dishware more effectively. However, organizing racks are not specifically designed to help stack coffee mugs, just dishware in general.

That being said, organizing racks come in many shapes and sizes and can help save a ton of space in your cabinet. Because, if you think about it, at least half of your shelf space is not being used. That is a tremendous amount of space.

The great thing about organizing racks is that you can often stack one rack on top of the other or purchase a multi-tiered rack. So these racks are an excellent option when it comes to stacking coffee mugs. However, organizing racks are often not the best thing to look at, and having too many of them can throw off the aesthetics of your shelf.

Of course, not all organizing racks have an unpleasing aesthetic, and what is considered aesthetically pleasing is in the eye of the beholder. Consider using one-level stacking and then gradually add racks on top to keep an eye on the aesthetics of the shelf.

Add Hooks To Organize Coffee Mugs

It might sound a little odd, but using hooks can be a fantastic way to organize coffee mugs and free up space in the kitchen cabinet. Hooks can be purchased (or made) and placed practically anywhere in the kitchen. However, some recommend placing the hooks underneath the kitchen cabinet or near the kettle.

Coffee mugs hanging from hooks gives a unique feel to the aesthetics and convenience when reaching for your next cup of coffee. So, if you are ready for a slightly new look, consider hanging mugs from a set of hooks.

Use A Bookcase Or Shelf To Organize Coffee Mugs

Another fantastic way to save space is to use a bookcase or an additional shelf in the kitchen. As opposed to hanging hooks, a bookshelf or extra shelf may allow you to transfer more mugs out of the cabinet.

Furthermore, depending on the bookshelf’s design, the ‘stacking’ look of the coffee mugs may still be apparent. However, the look of stacked coffee mugs will only be evident if the bookcase has limited spaces between shelves.


There are not many ways to stack coffee mugs. And stacking coffee mugs without additional assistance risks the coffee mugs toppling over. So, it is advised to invest in devices or organizing racks to help securely stack coffee mugs. Additionally, you can also free up some cabinet space by moving coffee mugs to other locations in the kitchen.


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