Is Coffee Better In The Morning Or Afternoon?

Coffee is among the most popular and widely consumed beverages worldwide, but there are many misconceptions and misunderstandings related to coffee. A major source of confusion in the world of coffee is whether you should drink coffee in the morning or the afternoon. Is coffee better in the morning or in the afternoon?

Coffee is better in the morning, as it is more beneficial at this time of day and is less likely to cause negative side effects such as impaired sleep. Coffee can be drunk at any time of day, including the afternoon, and the latest coffee of the day depends on how sensitive you are to caffeine.

Coffee is so popular and important internationally that there have been numerous studies conducted on coffee and how it affects people, which means that there are scientific answers to all coffee-related questions. With that in mind, let’s explore this question and find out if coffee is better for you in the morning or in the afternoon.

Is Coffee Better In The Morning Or The Afternoon?

Coffee is enjoyed by millions of people internationally, and many people drink it just because they enjoy it, but the truth is that most people who drink coffee do so because it contains a healthy amount of caffeine, which can be very useful for helping a person wake, or feel more awake.

This effect leads many people to wonder if it is better to drink and enjoy coffee in the morning or if this beverage is better for drinking in the afternoon.

The truth is that coffee can be drunk and enjoyed at any point in the day, but the way you use coffee for its caffeine content should be based on how sensitive you are to this substance. Some people can consume coffee all day and feel little effects, while others are only able to handle one cup of coffee a day.

However, with that in mind, the best time to drink coffee for its effect is in the morning, but it should not be consumed immediately after you wake up.

Coffee contains a good amount of caffeine, which is a fantastic way to help you feel more awake. It boosts brain function, increases physical performance, and it can help get you going in the morning. For these reasons, coffee is typically better in the morning than in the afternoon, but there is a right way to drink coffee in the morning.

These waking and boosting effects that coffee has on the body is due to the function of caffeine in the brain. Caffeine is an adenosine inhibitor.

Adenosine is the chemical in the brain that makes a person feel tired. This chemical is very present in the brain while sleeping, but it dissipates in the morning and builds up in the body and brain throughout the day to make the person feel tired enough to go to sleep at night.

For this reason, it is important to drink coffee in the morning, but only about 90 minutes after waking up. Allowing for 90 minutes after waking to consume coffee allows the adenosine in the brain to dissipate, and then the caffeine blocks adenosine receptors in the human brain, which means it has less effect throughout the day.

However, if you drink coffee before the adenosine dissipates, the adenosine will remain in the brain and will be received when the caffeine wears off, leading to an afternoon energy crash.

For these reasons, it is far better to drink coffee in the morning than it is in the afternoon.

Feel free to check out a conversation about this on The Joe Rogan Experience with Dr Andrew Huberman below. They chat about it at 2:45.

Should You Only Drink Coffee In The Morning?

We have established that it is best to drink coffee in the morning, but the reality is that most people drink coffee throughout the day. Is it a good thing to drink coffee throughout the day, or should you only drink coffee in the morning?

Coffee is a great way to give yourself a boost in the morning, but the reality is that coffee does not only help you to feel less tired, but it is a mental and physical stimulant as well. This means that drinking coffee can cause you to feel more alert and more focused, improve your attention span, and help increase mental performance.

Drinking coffee also boosts physical performance and increases endurance, which can really help on those days when you feel like you need a break.

The truth is that it is not bad to drink coffee in the afternoon. It is better for you to drink coffee in the morning, but it can help you to make it through the day by improving mental sharpness and physical ability.

You can drink coffee at any point in the day, depending on when you need it and how it affects you. Most people experience the best results from drinking coffee when consuming it in the morning, but many people enjoy drinking this beverage several times in the day.

How Late In The Day Should You Drink Coffee?

We have learned that coffee is best in the morning as it provides the best benefits this way, but also that it can be enjoyed at any time of the day. This leads many coffee lovers to wonder how late in the afternoon is too late for coffee.

The answer to his question is different for everyone. Some people are significantly more sensitive to caffeine than others, and drinking coffee affects different people in different ways.

People who are able to metabolize caffeine very quickly are barely affected by drinking coffee, and people who metabolize caffeine slowly are intensely affected by drinking coffee.

The best way to know how late is too late to drink coffee for you is to be aware of how drinking coffee affects your sleep. If drinking coffee prevents you from sleeping or if drinking coffee late in the day makes it hard for you to fall asleep, then you should not be drinking coffee in the afternoon.

However, drinking coffee does not affect your sleep at all, e; even if you drink it in the evening, then there is no real cut-off time for your coffee consumption.

The key is to be aware of how coffee affects you and to make adjustments accordingly. Everyone should limit their afternoon coffee consumption, but most people find that drinking after around 16h00 is too late in the day, as it will prevent them from falling asleep easily.


At the end of it, coffee is usually best as a morning drink, but there are many people who enjoy drinking coffee throughout the day, and this is not a bad thing, so long as you do not drink coffee so late that it affects your sleep.

Coffee affects people in different ways. Some people should only drink coffee in the morning, while others can drink this beverage at any time. The answer here is that you must be aware of how coffee affects you and drink it accordingly, implementing limits where necessary.


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