Longest Lasting Espresso Machine

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An espresso machine can truly turn your worst mornings into the best ones, especially if you’re a daily coffee drinker! Perhaps you have had an espresso machine for years, and it’s time for an upgrade, or it’s your first time considering one. The choice may become complex when choosing the perfect espresso machine, as there are so many! What is the longest-lasting espresso machine?

The longest-lasting espresso machine is known as the Breville Bambino Plus. With an easy-to-use and pleasing but compact design, the Breville Bambino Plus espresso machine makes a great cup of coffee every time! Many factors will impact how long an espresso machine lasts and should be considered.

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Purchasing an espresso machine can become expensive, and you need to be confident in your choice! Stay with us as we discuss the longevity of espresso machines, the best one, and how to keep your espresso machine making a good quality cup of coffee for years to come!

How Long Will An Espresso Machine Last?

Budget-friendly espresso machines will last between three and five years, but some higher-end models can last you as much as a decade, if not more.

Some of the high-quality espresso machines can last twelve to fifteen years! Whether it’s a manual, semi-automatic, or super-automatic machine will not make a difference.

Still, your frequency of use, materials, maintenance, brand, and type of espresso machine will significantly affect how long it will last for you. with this being kept in mind, let’s look at the best and longest-lasting espresso machine out there.

Breville Bambino Plus: The Longest-Lasting Espresso Machine

The very popular Breville Bambino Plus has many features making it a great investment for experienced brewers who want to experiment with their espresso.

This excellent espresso machine is also suitable for beginners who want to rest assured that their machine can produce high-quality espresso shots every time!

Although the Breville Bambino Plus comes at a high price tag, ranging from $400 to $500, it’s more than worth it when you take a closer look at all the features. You may be paying a high price tag, but most are happy to pay this price for the consistency of this machine.

With its automatic milk frothing, customizable pre-infusion, double-walled baskets, and adjustable milk temperature, the Breville Bambino plus have it all.

This espresso machine also comes with handy accessories, such as a milk pitcher, four baskets, cleaning tools, and a tamper! All these mentioned features and accessories come with a two-year limited warranty, making it even more worth spending a little extra!

Moreover, if an espresso machine’s heat-up times are important to you, you’ll be surprised when you realize that the Breville Bambino Plus has a heat-up time of only three seconds!

When you look at the Breville Bambino Plus design, you’ll fall in love with the professional lightweight stainless steel design and its small size of 12.6×11.8×7.7 inches. Its water reservoir has a whopping capacity of 64 oz and is fully removable for refilling.

The Breville Bambino Plus has a 15-bar pump, which means it’s strong enough to withstand making several cups of espresso, making it a popular choice amongst professional baristas.

Although the Breville Bambino plus does not include a grinder or a hot water spout, these are small things that won’t bother you.

Tips To Make Your Espresso Machine Last

When you purchase such a long-lasting and high-quality espresso machine as the Breville Bambino Plus, you’ll want to ensure you treat it well enough so it will last you many years.

Let’s take a look at a few tips you can practice to make sure your espresso machine makes the high-quality coffee you know and love for as long as possible:

Replace Your Espresso Machine’s Water Filter

The type of water you use will determine how often you need to replace your espresso machine’s water filter. If you know you have hard water, it would be best to change your machine’s water filter weekly.

If you do not replace your machine’s water filter often, it could affect the quality and performance of your machine and cause heating problems and blockages.

Read your espresso machine’s instruction manual to understand better how often its water filter needs to be changed for optimal function.

Turn Your Espresso Machine Off Every Night

Although most high-end espresso machines will turn off after a few minutes or hours of not being used, it would be a good idea to turn it off yourself when you drink your last cup of coffee.

Leaving an espresso machine on for long periods could end up wearing it down and causing it to become too hot to be used.

Make It A Habit To Descale Your Espresso Machine

Over long periods, the minerals in your water will build up in your machine. How regularly you need to descale your espresso machine will depend on the hardness of your area’s water.

If you descale your machine often, everything will run as it should, and if you don’t, it could cause your espresso machine to become clogged and stop working.

Luckily, most high-quality espresso machines will tell you when you need to descale them. Still, it is recommended to read through the user manual and follow the instructions stated by the manufacturer.

Clean Your Espresso Machine Daily

Some parts of your espresso machine will need daily cleanings, such as the group heads, drip tray, and milk frother. While some professional baristas focus on cleaning these areas after each cup of coffee, you can clean these areas daily.

The drip tray will become full of coffee grounds and water, creating an unclean environment where mold could grow. You can rinse this area with hot water to sterilize it and remove any coffee grounds that may be left over.

Your steam wand will also build up with milk residue, even if you use non-dairy products. It is recommended to clean it as much as possible, as it could harden, making it next to impossible to clean effectively.


if you liked what you heard about the Breville Bambino Plus, you might already have made your choice. Remember that an espresso machine will only last long when you take good care of it, and once you have mastered these few easy things, you won’t be able to imagine your life without one!


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