What Are The Best Unbreakable Mugs?

Whether you fill it with the day’s first cup of coffee or before-bed chamomile, a good mug is comfortable to handle and can withstand drops, spills, and countless refills. Like the coffee or tea inside, mugs are subjective, and unbreakable ones make a difference.

The best unbreakable mugs come in tempered glass, acrylic plastic, or insulated stainless steel. These mugs are sturdy enough to last years, yet light and comfortable to hold. They are resistant to leakage, retain hot and cold temperatures, and are dishwasher-safe.

Some people prefer dainty cups, while others like their mugs to make a statement. No matter your style, there’s an unbreakable mug for you. However, we advise purchasing the ideal mug to match (or even elevate) your coffee-drinking style to get the most out of your pour-over, carafe, or percolator.

The Most Common Types Of Durable Mugs

Nobody wants to go about their day with a cracked cup or, even worse, scalding liquid spilling everywhere. To avoid such disasters, you’ll want to choose an unbreakable mug best suited for your needs.

While technically, any unbreakable mug is durable, certain materials perform better than others. And the material determines whether or not your mug is fit for hot or cold liquids. The most common unbreakable mugs come from either stainless steel, ceramic, glass, or plastic.

However, today insulated mugs are a popular trend, and most people prefer them over the traditional ones. Let’s take a deep dive at the different types of unbreakable mugs available:

Stainless Steel Mugs For The Busy Bee

Stainless steel mugs are double-walled and made with vacuum-sealed construction. This means they’re excellent at retaining heat, making them ideal for people who like their coffee piping hot. Still, they are also great at maintaining cold drinks’ temperatures.

Stainless steel mugs are also BPA-free and don’t interfere with the blend or taste of your drink. As a bonus, they’re often dishwasher-safe and won’t break if dropped.

The thermal insulation combined with the durability of stainless steel is ideal for ensuring that your drink stays locked inside. It’s surprising how much simpler life is when you have a coffee mug that won’t leak. 

Ceramic Mugs For The Classy Drinker

Ceramic mugs are the classic coffee mug that coffee-aficionados swear makes java taste better and have been around for centuries. One of the reasons they’re so popular is that they come in a wide range of designs, colors, and shapes. You can find just about any ceramic mug to fit your style.

Ceramic mugs are also great at retaining heat and won’t change the taste of your coffee. Most ceramic mugs are lightweight and have a smooth finish, making them comfortable to hold. The enhanced unbreakable ceramic mugs are also microwave and dishwasher-safe.

With the advancement of technology, ceramic mugs have become even more durable and less likely to break. And if you’re looking for brand awareness or a perfect event customized souvenir, ceramic mugs are a great token of memorabilia.

Glass Mugs To Give Your Coffee A Luxe Feel

It’s no secret that glass mugs are fragile. It takes just one awkward moment to send your precious mug crashing to the ground and splintering into pieces. However, unbreakable glass mugs are different. Mug manufacturers make glass mugs with tempered glass designed to withstand high temperatures and heavy impacts. Unbreakable glass mugs are four to five times stronger than regular glass.

Regarding heat retention, the double wall of the tempered glass makes an insulating layer of air that retains the temperature of your beverage and keeps the outside of the cup safe and cool to the touch. Unbreakable glass mugs won’t change the taste of your drink, and the double wall gives your coffee an elegant appearance.

Glass mugs are also BPA-free, making them a safe choice for coffee drinkers. The main downside is that they’re not as lightweight as other materials, and washing them in a dishwasher reduces their durability.

Acrylic Plastic Mugs For The Eco-Conscious

Most unbreakable mugs come from acrylic plastic. And while they’re not as stylish as ceramic or glass mugs, they are lightweight and virtually unbreakable. Not to mention, they’re often the most inexpensive option.

These unbreakable plastic mugs are especially great for children as there available in unlimited colors. The fact that these plastic cups are microwave and dishwasher safe makes them exceedingly useful.

Plastic mugs are great for keeping cold beverages. However, they’re not as good at retaining heat, so they’re not the best choice for coffee drinkers. Additionally, putting hot drinks in plastic is unsafe because it is terrible for your health. But when we talk about double-layered acrylic mugs, they are ideal for everyday usage. The only downside is that they can sometimes change the taste of your drink.

Insulated Mugs For The On-The-Go Drinker

Have you noticed that almost everyone walking or utilizing the public transport system has a lovely mug in their hands? You might wonder how they manage to keep their drink hot or cold for so long. The answer is insulated mugs.

Manufacturers make them from stainless steel and feature solid interior and exterior surfaces, making them durable and long-lasting. The stainless steel is BPA-free, which is crucial for your health because it shields your beverage from any possible bacteria.

These mugs’ thermal insulation helps keep your drink at the ideal temperature for more extended periods. Insulated mugs come with a sweat-free design that prevents condensation outside the mug.

Additionally, the airtight lids prevent heat from leaking outside and liquid from flowing out, allowing hot beverages to stay hot for extended periods. And like most unbreakable mugs, they’re also dishwasher safe. And like most unbreakable mugs, they’re also dishwasher safe.

The main downside to these mugs is that they’re on the heavier side and can be challenging to hold for extended periods. Nevertheless, they’re an excellent choice for coffee drinkers who want to keep their beverages hot on the go.

How To Find The Right Mug

So, you want a slice of that mug life? If you want to find your perfect match, keeping a few things in mind is essential.

  • Ease of use-You should feel at ease when using a coffee mug. It should be simple to handle and hold the right balance of volume. 
  • Weight– You don’t want to carry a heavy mug all day. A good unbreakable mug should be lightweight yet sturdy.
  • Insulation– No one likes a lukewarm cup of joe. So, finding a mug that can retain hot and cold temperatures is crucial.
  • Washability– You’ll want a mug that is easy to clean. Check to verify if your mug is dishwasher-safe. If you need to wash it by hand, ensure you can properly clean it with a sponge (or it might need a bottle brush).


The best unbreakable mugs are mugs made of durable materials such as stainless steel, silicone, or even acrylic plastic. All three materials are durable and long lasting, making them ideal for everyday use.

It also never hurts to consider colors, shapes, and patterns because these tiny touches may enhance a kitchen’s appearance. And in the end, that’s what coffee drinking is all about: enjoying delicious cups of joe in good company.


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