What Is The World’s Largest Coffee Mug?

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Many coffee lovers will attest to wanting a mug of coffee that is never empty, especially for that fundamental mug of coffee in the morning. When you find one mug of coffee is not enough, you know for sure you need a more oversized mug!

According to the World Guinness Book of Records, since 2012, three companies claim to have the world’s largest coffee mug. The mug size is determined by how many ounces the mug holds. Standard mugs hold 8 oz of coffee, while an oversized mug holds about 11 oz.

When you are looking for a more oversized mug for your morning brew and don’t know if it exists, then this article is for you. We will give you more information on what mug size is appropriate and answer the all-important question, how much coffee does that mug hold?

What Is The World’s Largest Coffee Mug?

Over the years, so many different companies have laid claims to the world’s largest coffee mug. And when you consider this question, consider the height, width, and quantity of coffee the mug holds in a single serving.

Between 2010 and 2019, three companies vied for the world’s largest coffee mug title.

In 2010 a group from Gourmet Gift Baskets in Vegas built a replica of a coffee mug and filled it with coffee. It held approximately 2010 gallons (7608,70 Liters) of coffee. That is 32 160 cups of coffee! The Gourmet Gift Baskets group more than doubled the previous record, which was 911,50 gallons (3450,40 Liters).

The Guinness book of world records accredited Caffe’ Bene as building the world’s largest coffee mug. Not to be outdone, in 2014, a coffee chain based in South Korea competed for this unique title. It stood at 11 feet (3,35 meters) with a width of 9 feet (2,74meters) and contained approximately 4000 gallons of coffee. Does anyone need a refill?

The most recent holder of this enviable title is a Colombia-based company. That shouldn’t be any surprise since Colombia is one of the world’s coffee capitals!

According to the Guinness World Records, in June 2019, the Alcaldía Municipal of Colombia built the largest coffee mug. It took 50 people a month to construct the coffee mug before filling it with the much-loved Arabica coffee.

The mug surpassed all the other contenders for this title by holding 6007,04 gallons (22 739,14 Liters) of coffee.

Before all these companies competed for the world’s top title of the world’s largest coffee mug, the unprecedented champion was the mug created by De’Longhi in London in 2012. This particular mug stands at 9 feet 6 inches (2,9m) with a width of 8 feet 8 inches (2,65 meters).

It holds a sizable total of 3 487,1 gallons (13 200 liters) of coffee, which is undeniably enough to give you the caffeine boost you need on Monday morning!

What Is The Best Oversized Coffee Mug?

Whatever their favorite brew is, for many people, that first cuppa joe is a lifeline to kick start their day. And for the challenging days, an endless supply of coffee is exactly what you need; that is when you wish you had the largest coffee mug in the world.

Over-sized coffee mugs hold about 20-25 ounces of coffee, approximately three and a half cups. Over-sized coffee mugs are the way to go!

Here are two examples of oversized coffee mugs that will be perfect if your regular coffee mug is not serving its purpose.

1. The Gigantic Coffee Mug

What a significant way to start your day! The mug with the words” I’ve cut back to just one cup of coffee a day” emblazoned on the sides is for the serious coffee lover. It stands at 7 125 inches by 5,25 inches (18,09 cm x 13,33 cm) and holds a whopping 64 oz (1,8 liters) of coffee.

There are suggestions to use this gigantic coffee mug for beverages other than coffee or as a storage facility, but there’s no need for that when it’s filled with your favorite coffee brew.

The only negative aspect of this mug is that it can get too heavy for you to hold when it’s filled. The empty mug weighs about two pounds (907 grams), heavier than your usual coffee mug. So you may want to limit your daily dose of coffee and do a refill instead of filling the mug at once.

The gigantic mug is dishwasher safe, but manufacturers advise you to hand wash the mug to save the lettering printed on the sides.

2. Over-sized Coffee Mug By Allures And Illusions

The mug created by Allures and Illusions is ceramic, weighs 10 Lb (4,54 kg), and holds about 20 regular cups of coffee. It makes an excellent gift for your serious coffee drinker, friend, or family member.

The mug stands at 6,7 inches tall (17 cm) and 10,2 inches wide (26 cm). It’s the perfect mug to enjoy your favorite coffee flavor first thing in the morning.

A Guide To Coffee Mug Size

Besides our favorite coffee flavor, many have a favorite mug to enjoy their morning coffee. But there are coffee mug sizes best suited to your favorite coffee.

Mug size is determined by the quantity of coffee it holds. Your standard coffee mug holds between 8 to 10 ounces, which is equivalent to one cup of liquid.

Here is a detailed guide to finding the perfect mug size for your morning coffee. The mugs may not be the size of the world’s largest coffee mug, but they are ideal for you to sit back and enjoy your coffee.

Is An Espresso Mug The Right Size?

When you look at an espresso mug, your first reaction is I’m going to need more than one cup! An espresso, usually the base for many fancy coffees, is a single shot of espresso and is served in a 2 to 3-ounce cup (2/3 cup).

The espresso mug, also known as a demitasse, is narrow at the base with a broader rim and has a small handle. The mug is so designed to concentrate the coffee flavor.

What Mug Size Is Best For A Cappuccino?

Cappuccinos are available in mugs between 5 to 6 ounces (3/4 cup). The mug has a narrow base with a broader rim to accommodate the foam at the top.

A saucer usually accompanies cappuccino mugs for that dainty feel.

What Mug Size Is Best For A Latte?

A latte consists of an espresso shot filled with steamed milk. Therefore a latte mug requires sufficient room to accommodate the steamed milk filled at the top.

Unlike the other mugs with a narrow base and broader rim, latte mugs are bowl-shaped and hold approximately 11 to 15 ounces of coffee in a cup size that is slightly larger than your average mug.

The larger bowl shape is also great for coffee shop baristas to show off their latte art. With this mug shape, you can also enjoy your favorite soup.


Under the Guinness book of world records, the holder of this prestigious title of the world’s largest coffee mug is the Alcadia Municipality in Colombia. In 2019 they built the largest coffee mug, which took 50 people a month to construct. It holds 6007,04 (22 739,14 liters) coffee. That is impressive!


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