Why Are Travel Mugs Made Of Stainless Steel?

Purchasing a travel mug is probably the best investment ever because you can enjoy a warm mug of cappuccino on the go before starting the strenuous workday. We certainly do not think of the pros and cons when buying a travel mug. We know stainless steel is the best, but why are travel mugs made of stainless steel?

Travel mugs are made of stainless steel because it is long-lasting and will not decay with time. Metal is the best insulator, so it will keep your drink warm. I recommend buying a double-walled stainless steel mug that will keep your drink both hot or cold for long. It is also sustainable and recyclable.

Let us look at the benefits of stainless steel travel mugs and how to care for them. To help you choose the best travel mug for your daily dose of caffeine, I have listed the three greatest stainless steel travel mugs on the market!

Why Are Travel Mugs Made Of Stainless Steel?

The reason travel mugs are made of stainless steel is actually pretty apparent. Stainless steel is a durable and tough metal that is exceptionally environmentally friendly (it can last years!), so stainless steel travel mugs are recyclable.

If you buy a stainless steel mug, you are unknowingly saving the environment from deteriorating. It might seem as though I am exaggerating, but all those plastic takeaway cups you discard end up in a landfill. Is this enough reason to convince you to buy your very first stainless steel travel mug?

Unlike plastic and aluminum mugs that are sometimes produced with hazardous materials that can lead to numerous health-related issues, stainless steel consists of non-toxic materials such as zinc, lead, phthalates, BPA-free, etc. It is much more hygienic and antibacterial than its counterparts and harbors fewer bacteria than plastic.

You will not see your stainless steel travel mug rust or stain because of the liquids, whether it is warm, steamy, and frothy coffee or an ice-cold fizzy drink. This makes stainless steel the easiest to clean and handle.

Stainless steel travel mugs are very well insulated. It retains heated and cold temperatures for more extended periods, hours if to be specific. Yes! That’s right. Stainless steel travel mugs even maintain the temperature of cold beverages.

And you do not have to be concerned about odor and taste. These mugs will not retain the stench or flavor of the liquids, so you can easily switch between beverages without having your Nescafé coffee tasting like the guava juice you had the day before.

It is a versatile piece of invention, and I cannot imagine myself going anywhere without my stainless steel travel mug, especially on the warm, dry summer days. Plus, it will not damage in extreme temperatures or easily dent, crack, or break. You cannot say the same for plastic and glass mugs.

The only disadvantage of stainless steel travel mugs is that the stainless steel will heat up very quickly if it contains hot beverages. I often burn my lips and tongue, trying to take a sip of my warm drink.

The stainless steel might even burn you more than the beverage you prepared. For this very reason, I decided that a stainless steel travel mug topped with a silicone lid works better.

Why Does My Stainless Steel Travel Mug Taste Metallic?

With the first few uses of your stainless steel travel mug, you will notice a faint metallic taste. It can be because your travel mug is brand new, it just needs a good scrub, or it is low-quality.

The stainless steel itself does not absorb flavors, but it does absorb liquid particles. So, if you drank hot chocolate from your travel mug, washed it, and poured a different beverage in it, it will have a faint metallic and hot chocolate taste.

The beverage’s taste itself is not a problem because you can easily fix it with a proper wash, but the metallic taste does put you off. Here is a simple way to remove the metallic taste from your stainless steel travel mug:

  • Wash the stainless steel travel mug with warm water and dish soap. Add two teaspoons of baking soda and let it sit for a while. Afterward, rinse it thoroughly, repeat the process and leave the mixture overnight in the travel mug.
  • Discard the stainless steel lid and opt for silicone, BPA-free lid. Using a silicone lid might reduce the metallic taste and odor probably emanating from the stainless steel lid on your travel mug.

The metallic taste eventually fades away, but if it does not, you may have wasted your money on a poor-quality ‘stainless steel’ travel mug.

How To Take Care Of Your Stainless Steel Travel Mug?

If you have noticed some staining in your travel mug (which does not happen much with stainless steel), you need to clean it so that the mug will stay fresh. Though, I recommend using these methods of cleaning right after you have finished your beverage:

  • The first method is the baking soda and vinegar mixture. Remove the lid from the travel mug, put it aside, and add two teaspoons of baking soda. Pour in a great amount of vinegar and watch the mixture foam up, cleaning the entire inside of your stainless steel travel mug.

Afterward, rinse the mug thoroughly with dish soap and water, and you are good to go!

  • The second way to clean your travel mug is by adding a denture-cleaning tablet into the water in the mug. Let the mixture soak off all the stains from your travel mug overnight.

There you go! Simple ways to keep your stainless steel travel mug clean and hygienic!

The Three Best Travel Mugs

I have decided to make it easy for you to select a quality, long-lasting stainless steel travel mug. I assume by now that you are keen to purchase your very first stainless steel mug! Check out these amazing options I put together:

1. Yeti Rambler 30oz Travel Mug

This travel mug is made of durable stainless steel and features double-wall vacuum insulation to retain the temperature of your beverages. The mug is dishwasher-safe and BPA-free. It is rust-resistant and comes with a MagSlider Lid. A magnet lid that keeps the liquids from spilling.

The Yeti Rambler can fit into the standard-sized car cup holder. You can buy this mug directly off their website for only $42.00, and there are a few different colors available.

2. Zojirushi 16oz Stainless Steel Mug

The aspect that attracted me was the beautiful array of colors they come in! It is a stainless steel vacuum insulated mug and features a tightly fitted lid, so you can avoid spilling accidents. The Zojirushi is corrosion and stain-resistant.

  • Heat Retention – 187°F for 1 hour / 154°F for 6 hours. 
  • Cold Retention – 48°F for 6 hours

This amazing mug goes for $29.99 and has some great reviews on Amazon.

3. The Brümate Toddy XL 32oz Insulated Coffee Mug

The Toddy XL coffee mug is made of stainless steel, triple-insulated, fully leakproof, and seals the lid tightly, thanks to the magnetic closure and locking lid, to prevent any spills, especially while driving.

It fits snuggly into almost all car cupholders! You can get yourself one straight from the Brümate website for $39.99


Stainless steel travel mugs are long-lasting, environmentally friendly, and produced with non-toxic materials. The stainless steel mugs are antibacterial and easy to clean. It does not stain or harbor odors or taste as much as plastic, aluminum, or glass mugs do. Take good care of the mug and wash it directly after your beverage.

You should not have a problem with fragility because the stainless steel does not dent or break. You can use travel mugs for hot and cold drinks, and the stainless will retain the temperature for longer. This metal insulates very well. Although there might be a metallic taste at the beginning or between beverages, it is worth the investment, and you easily rid your mug of lingering odors.


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