Why Do People Drink Black Coffee?

If you’re somebody with a usual coffee order consisting of lots of sugar, milk, or even cream, it may be difficult to understand why some people prefer their coffee to be black, or even worse, black and bitter! There might be a method to the madness, and we’re here to help you understand. Why do people drink black coffee?

People drink black coffee for stimulation and become addicted to caffeine. Some drink black coffee for its benefits, like preventing cancer, Alzheimer’s, and type 2 Diabetes. Black coffee cleans your system, strengthens your immune system, releases stress, helps with weight loss, and balances moods.

There are many reasons why people would prefer to drink black coffee over any other variant of coffee, and these reasons might shock you. Continue reading with us as we explain why some people drink black coffee, the good and the bad!

Why Would People Drink Black Coffee?

With over 100 million Americans being daily coffee drinkers, 35% prefer drinking it black over anything else.

While this may seem strange, most of them decide to skip the sugar and milk because they don’t want to impact the coffee’s caffeine levels, and others simply find the taste appealing.

It is believed that drinking high-quality black coffee allows you to appreciate the coffee’s acidity, aroma, natural body, and sweetness. Others prefer to take their coffee black because it’s the best-known way to receive all its health benefits.

However, a small number of people have become dependent on the caffeine that black coffee provides. Apart from enjoying the taste, some people take drinking black coffee to the next level!

Drinking Black Coffee Purely For Caffeine Intake

Over the course of many years, doctors have repeatedly reminded people about the disadvantages of drinking too much coffee and paying attention to caffeine intake.

One of the biggest reasons people drink coffee is caffeine, which is also one of the biggest disadvantages. Caffeine significantly increases the craving for coffee, and caffeine becomes addictive.

Caffeine makes the drinker think they constantly need coffee for everything, from releasing tension to staying awake for longer hours. Scientists have found that excessive coffee drinkers who have a genetic variant reflecting a faster metabolism will prefer their coffee black and bitter.

This reason often doesn’t relate to black coffee’s taste in any way. It relates to the association of the bitter flavor providing them a boost in mental alertness, which is purely provided by the caffeine.

These excessive coffee drinkers also metabolize the caffeine much faster, which results in the stimulating effect wearing off much faster as well. This results in these people drinking more coffee often.

The scientists then interpreted that these people physically and mentally require the natural bitterness of the caffeine, as it provides them with an effect called psycho-stimulation.

They learn to completely associate the caffeine’s bitterness with the boost they receive. This is where the learned effect of black coffee addiction becomes more and more prominent.

Drinking Black Coffee For The Health Benefits

Many people prefer to drink coffee due to its several health benefits. When paired with no sugar, black coffee could provide an extensive list of benefits.

Some of the most well-known health benefits of black coffee include the following:

Black Coffee Could Prevent Cancer

Studies have found a connection between drinking black coffee and cancer prevention, more specifically, endometrial and liver cancer. Black coffee could reduce the risk of developing liver and endometrial cancer by up to 40%.

Black Coffee Reduces The Risk Of Alzheimer’s Disease

Experts believe you can lower the risk of Alzheimer’s disease by 16% just by drinking black coffee regularly. Although more studies and research must be conducted, scientists believe that black coffee could potentially prevent this deadly disease.

Black Coffee Could Lower The Risk Of Getting Type 2 Diabetes

Many studies have shown that drinking black coffee lowers your risk of type 2 diabetes. Although it depends on how much black coffee you drink and how much sugar you take, you can reduce the risk by 23-50%. The more coffee you consume, the lower your risk becomes.

Black Coffee Cleans Your System

When you consume black coffee in the correct amounts, it has the potential to flush your system. Black coffee causes an increased passing of urine, which will help to flush any harmful bacteria your body may contain.

Black Coffee Strengthens Your Immune System

Black coffee helps strengthen your immune system, and drinking two to three cups of black coffee daily makes you less likely to get sick than most people who don’t drink black coffee.

Black Coffee Helps To Release Stress

It’s no secret that caffeine makes you happier. The chemical in your brain known as Dopamine is known as the happy chemical!

Black coffee significantly increases the levels of Dopamine released by your brain, which means you will become happier as your body processes the caffeine.

Black Coffee Helps With Weight Loss

Several people know the weight loss benefits black and bitter coffee presents. Black coffee contains chlorogenic acid, which is a compound that slows down glucose production in your body. Chlorogenic acid also helps to break down fatty acids and fat cells.

The caffeine in black coffee helps weight loss by stimulating metabolic activity even more. This will improve energy levels and brain function while suppressing feelings of hunger. On top of all these weight loss benefits, black coffee is also a low-calorie beverage.

You cannot put on extra weight by drinking black coffee, but this will only apply to plain black coffee, as any additives will introduce calories, fats, and cholesterol.

Black Coffee Promotes Balanced Moods

Studies have shown that black coffee drinkers don’t experience half as many sugar crashes as those who drink coffee with additives such as sugar and milk. If you struggle with unbalanced moods and fatigue, drinking black coffee without additives could solve the problem!


Black coffee is extremely popular, and there are many reasons why so many people drink it. Black coffee can provide many health benefits, but it should be taken in moderation for the best results!


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