Why Is Iced Coffee So Much Better?

More and more people are choosing iced coffee over hot coffee, especially millennials. From watching pictures all over social media of iced coffee or reading about them on your favorite coffee shop menu, it will be love at the first sip! Why is iced coffee so much better than hot coffee?

Iced coffee is better than its hot counterpart due to its versatility and well-balanced flavors. Iced coffee is less acidic and often seen as being healthier than a hot cup, and you won’t risk burning your mouth or lap. Iced coffee is much easier to make at home and more aesthetically pleasing.

If you’re an iced coffee lover and wonder why you choose it over other hot coffee beverages, you’re not alone! Keep on reading with us as we discuss why iced coffee is much better than your standard cup of coffee!

Why Do Many People Prefer Iced Coffee?

Ice coffee gained popularity over the last few years mainly due to marketing and social media exposure.

Due to popular establishments such as Starbucks, more and more consumers realized that iced coffee is a delicious-tasting luxury, pairing them with warm summers as well as cold winters.

Many people choose iced coffee over its hot counterpart due to its balanced flavors, sweetness, and aesthetic.

However, there are many other reasons why iced coffee is regarded as simply being better, which we will explore below:

Iced Coffee Is A Versatile Drink

While hot espresso could be turned into different drinks with the help of water, milk, and sugar, its overall taste will remain similar. Your cup of coffee will still be rich and full-bodied, but for many, it’s just not enough.

In the case of iced coffee, you have endless options to turn it into a personalized beverage. You can mix your shot of coffee with the basics, such as ice and cold water, but you could also add a wide variety of flavored syrups and top it all off with your choice of ice cream or even use whip cream.

The possibilities become endless for the iced coffee lover. If you love adding a splash of creativity and non-conventional ingredients to your drinks, you’ll find a cup of iced coffee much better than its hot counterpart.

Iced Coffee Has Well-Balanced Flavors

Most would agree that a cup of iced coffee tastes completely different from a cup of hot coffee, definitely in a good way!

This is mainly due to a cold cup of coffee releasing fewer oils within the ground coffee beans, which results in a sweet and smooth flavor compared to the strong flavor of a hot cup of coffee.

Where hot coffee tends to take on a bitter taste or aftertaste due to the high temperatures, the lack of heat in an iced coffee makes for a smooth and almost sweet taste.

This property plays a significant role in making iced coffee the better option for people who have a sensitive sense of taste and dislike hot coffee’s strong and bitter taste.

Iced Coffee Is Less Acidic

Although different kinds of coffee beans will have different acidity levels based on their origin, iced coffee is much less acidic than hot coffee. Studies show that ice coffee could have up to 67% less acid than its hot counterparts.

This is mainly due to the coffee grounds being extracted with hot water, allowing the oil and acidic compounds to be realized. This is why lots think hot coffee is bitter, whereas iced coffee does not take on the bitter taste.

Many would also benefit from switching to iced coffee instead of hot, especially if they experience acid reflux after a scorching hot coffee.

Iced Coffee Is The Healthier Choice

Due to iced coffee being less acidic than hot coffee in general, it doesn’t only make for a great taste but might be the healthier option between the two. The less acidic a cup of coffee is, the healthier it becomes for the health of your stomach and teeth.

People with sensitive stomachs prone to developing ulcers due to acidic food and drinks have a much less chance of experiencing pain and discomfort when opting for a cup of delicious iced coffee!

Just like its hot counterpart, iced coffee still contains caffeine, and caffeine has been proven to have the ability to increase your metabolism by roughly 11%. The higher your metabolism becomes, the faster your body’s ability becomes to burn fat.

In other words, if you’re trying to lose a few, that cup of iced coffee could be the answer! However, remember that additives such as sugar and milk may cause the drink to become less effective for losing weight.

Iced Coffee Won’t Burn Your Mouth Or Your Lap

If you’re constantly on the go between coffee runs or struggle with your local coffee shop’s scorching hot cups of coffee, there’s another reason why iced coffee is just simply better.

Say goodbye to burning your mouth upon your first few sips of coffee or burning your lap in your car by making the change to iced coffee!

High-Quality Iced Coffee Is Easier To Produce At Home

If you’re a coffee enthusiast on a budget, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear that you need no complex or expensive equipment to produce a high-quality, great-tasting cup of iced coffee. Depending on how you like your iced coffee, you don’t need that many ingredients.

When getting ready to make your own cup of iced coffee, all you need is a cup or mason jar, milk, a few ice cubes, and coffee!

Iced Coffee Is Aesthetically Pleasing

If you spend time on social media platforms, you have most likely seen hundreds of photos of your friends showing off their beautiful cups of iced coffee.

Ice coffee is not only aesthetically pleasing by itself, but coffee shops go the extra mile by placing these beverages in colorful cups, enticing more and more people to taste them.

If you’re looking for the perfect way to spice up your social media, why not post your iced coffee and share its beauty with others?


Iced coffee is better than other hot coffee beverages for many reasons, including its overall taste and versatility.

Iced coffee is not only the healthier choice, but with some ingredients and easy steps, you can make your own cup in the comfort of your home and drink it without burning your mouth!


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